Effluent Pond Linings

Total Lining Solutions provides cost effective lining solutions for effluent ponds. Our Linings meet all New Zealand Dairy and environmental safety and regulatory standards. 

Every seam tested

With the changing environment and pressure on farmers there is a great deal of confusion about what is required. TLS can offer independent free advice to people that want an honest appraisal of their requirements.

Our aim is to provide you with a system that will meet the needs of your farm as well as complying with all current industry regulations. The most common area of concern is how big does my effluent pond need to be?. We work with an Accredited Dairy Effluent System Designer to calculate required pond size based on your land type, size of operation as well as preferred method of irrigation. Regulatory factors include statutory requirements, design code of practice, manufacturers standards, industry requirements and common sense.

Once your farm has been assessed and your effluent pond designed we provide a plan of action that includes costs, timeframes, and details of any additional contractors (experienced diggers etc) so you can be assured there are no hidden surprises once the job has been accepted.

When the job is actioned we co-ordinate all the necessary contractors to make sure of a seemless installation.

When we leave your site we make sure it is as TIDY AS WHEN WE FIRST ARRIVED!.

A typical effluent pond comes with a 5 year warantee on installation, and a 20 year warantee on the Plastic materials.

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Phone Paul on 027 857 8573 or email: sharpie@tls.co.nz